83% increase in total traffic YOY for Logistics Consultant

The Problem

Web Designer Vip had been carrying out the internet marketing for Gideon Hillman for many years which saw his company grow from a 2 person operation to a national business, working with companies such as Siemens, McDonalds, Volvo, Ronseal and the Co-operative.

The website was no longer reflecting the calibre of the clients that Gideon was getting. He wanted a site that reflected his leading position in Logistics Consulting as well as modernising the site the site to appeal to cater for mobile and tablet browsers.


The Solution


The Results

Since then the site, and the business, has continued to flourish. Here are the statistics from the website:

Gideon was extremely grateful saying:

…the only problem we could have faced from the results we get…was being able to respond to and resource all the enquiries and subsequent projects, however we have as a result of the success of the website employed additional staff dedicated to managing and responding to the enquiries and also increased our consultant team