How to Create Great Landing Pages That Convert

How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

Building an effective landing page that features a form users need to fill out can help any online business skyrocket the amount of business they are able to generate. This makes it one of the most important parts of any website that is looking to create new leads and business from its website’s users. Understanding what goes into a great landing page where users convert can help your business take a good online presence and make it even better by focusing on improving just a single page.

Seeing as one form can be the difference between a successful website and one that is underperforming, a Reddit user wanted to know: “How do I create a landing page that actually converts?” This is a million dollar question that will vary depending on what kind of website you have and what your landing page form is trying to get from your audience. However, I try and discuss some of most important features of any good landing page and how you can help tailor your form fields so that your audience actually fills them out.

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Hey, I’m Dan Morosi from Web Designer Vip. I’m a Senior Marketing Specialist and I’m responsible for the paid media, paid search and display efforts here. We had a question from Reddit – a user asked: “How do you go about making a landing page where people actually convert?”That’s a million dollar question (literally), and there are some obviously basic things that every landing page should have. If you’re using it for paid search and you know exactly which campaign and keywords are going there, obviously those keywords should be used and targeted on that landing page, it should be relevant to what