512-fold increase in website traffic in 12 months

Effective SEO and quality generation are still key in achieving spectacular growth in website traffic.

The graphic above shows real case study data from analytics, and shows website visitors growing from 825 in December 2013 up to a staggering 423 thousand visitors in December 2014.

This is for the medical website Doctoori, which provides medical information in Arabic. Generating a large user base is key to the business development and Web Designer Vip were asked to help with the SEO and online marketing.

In terms of daily visitors, this has increased from about 30 /day up to well over 14,000 visitors per day. The total number of users of the website now exceeds one million.

Within one year, SEO had grown the user base to over one million people. Data from analytics is able to give information on were these people are based and what articles and topics they are interested in.

So how do you use SEO to get such a dramatic increase in visitors?

The answer is surprisingly simple. You build a quality website with SEO optimised code, you add quality content that is interesting and engaging and you promote this content to others.

SEO Case study detail

Q: Did you use link building?

Web Designer Vip have never used the traditional link building SEO techniques as Google has never liked them. We do promote the website elsewhere by writing quality articles or blogs (in Arabic as this is an Arabic website). But we have never seen the need for large scale link building techniques. And if you can get a 512-fold increase in website traffic without this rather proves that traditional link building is not needed!

Q: Did you use social?

Yes – social marketing is an important ingredient within forward looking SEO work. It is used to build engagement and promote the website. Google has sophisticated algorithms looking at how people talk about and share information on websites and understanding this helps achieve better SEO results.

Q: Are there any differences with Arabic SEO – is it harder than English?

SEO is all about gaining high visibility – climbing to the top of the search results in your market. So English and Arabic are different markets. There are fewer Arabic website so external SEO work – aimed at promoting the website on the internet is actually harder. And a surprising number of SEO tools still do not support Arabic language characters.

The Doctoori website also had a huge advantage in that it was built on the ExtraCMS which was built with multilingual SEO in mind, and makes multilingual SEO much easier. Many content management systems require SEO modules to generate search friendly websites  – but it is more efficient to build SEO friendly to start with.