Case Study: Multilingual PPC for Total Logistics

“Independent Supply Chain Consultants”

Total Logistics
 are a highly experienced and effective independent supply chain consultancy advising top companies all over the world.

As part of their online marketing it was important to use AdWords PPC campaigns to promote Total Logistics work and websites. As well as involving the UK site their Dutch and German websites would also be included thus requiring a multilingual campaign.

Our Approach

On reviewing Total Logistics requirements we felt the best approach was to treat each language as a separate campaign with its own unique keywords, ads, landing pages and budget rather than a simple translation of the English campaign.

It was vital to get input from native speakers in both German and Dutch to ensure we selected the best keyword phrases and used ads that were not only correctly written, but also compelling.

Total Logistics were very specific about their keyword selection and we worked closely to their brief in this regard.


The results of this very carefully planned campaign has been to produce long-term cost effective PPC traffic for the UK, Dutch and German websites.

Were we have found keywords needing adjustment we have discussed this with Total Logistics and helped them to identify better alternatives.

Over the last 4 years the multilingual PPC campaign has generated over 3,600 visitors to the Dutch site, over 3,500 to the German website and over 6,500 to the UK site at an average cost per visitor of less than 80 pence per visit.