Digital Marketing Skills: What Skills are Needed for Marketing?

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What Skills Are Needed for Digital Marketing?

Many people think that in order to get into digital marketing, you need to come from one of two potential backgrounds. You either studied business, or computers. You majored in marketing or economics and have spent your college years gathering experience in the field. If you took the computers route, you majored in computer engineering or graphics and learned advanced technical knowledge from designing, to developing, to coding.

However, there are a lot of other options when it comes to becoming a good digital marketer. A variety of backgrounds and expertise can contribute to the makings of a successful career. It will take time, and a hunger to learn in order to get your bearings within the industry. But there is no reason to discredit your abilities simply because of your educational background.

One Reddit user was interested in what specific skills are needed for digital marketing. He asked, “What skills or background would I need to get started in digital marketing?” While there is no one single qualification or set of skills that are required to be a great digital marketer, this video explores some of the backgrounds that our employees have here at Blue Fountain Media. Our Marketing Strategist, Julie Barsamian discusses how she got started in the industry and how you can leverage your existing set of skills to become a digital marketing superstar.

Regardless of the flexibility regarding your previous education, becoming a good digital marketer is not just a simple, straightforward process. No matter where your qualifications came from, or what field you were trained in, there is always more to learn. It requires patience and a persistent interest in the different channels available in the digital space. You need to have a commitment to understanding how to put together a strategy that will help your business or client excel. Julie recommends “learning the lingo” and picking up the language of the industry. Understanding the vocabulary will help you to learn other aspects of the business, but it will also allow you to communicate professionally with your clients and peers. She also adds that when it comes to previous experience, it can help to have some knowledge in the subject matter that you may find yourself working in. For example, if your clients are all in the fashion, technology, or real estate industries, having some background expertise in any of those fields can certainly put you at an advantage.

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Julie provides a deeper look into her own educational and training background, as well as those of other Blue Fountain Media employees. From her description, you can see that there are a number of different directions from which these individuals came, proving that there is not one simple mold to fit into in order to become a digital marketer.

Naturally upon starting out, it can be helpful to enter the field with pre-existing skills and knowledge that you can apply to your digital marketing efforts. However, in a fast-paced field that is constantly evolving and adapting to the environment and technology surrounding it, there is no reason why you can’t become a successful digital marker. With the right attitude and eagerness to learn, the possibilities are truly endless.

This was the final video from our four part series answering your questions about the basics of digital marketing. Click here to view our previous video, “Digital Marketing: What Fields Can I Choose to Specialize In?” Join us again next week when we break down Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

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Hi! My name is Julie Barsamian and I’m a digital marketing strategist here at Blue Fountain Media.

Today we’re taking your questions about digital marketing. This question comes from a Reddit user, and they ask: “What are the skills or backgrounds needed to work in digital marketing?”

I took a quick inventory of some of the things that people here have studied, and thought about my personal experience – and truly there are a number of backgrounds that could contribute to a successful career in digital marketing.

We’ve got people here who studied Math and Economics, Communications, English, Journalism…but on the other hand having some sort of subject matter expertise – maybe in the field that you are marketing, is also really beneficial as long as you have a sort of fearless approach to learning the lingo and learning to use tools. Maybe something even as advanced as email coding.

If you want an example of my experience – my background – comes from an undergrad degree in Econ, but then I studied journalism. I worked as a reporter and a photographer and then I learned the lingo and I learned the tools of digital marketing – in-house before coming to Blue Fountain Media. All those combination of experiences really helped to round out my approach and also working in an atmosphere with people who are really knowledgeable is definitely an added plus.