Facebook PPC Advertising

The Project

Multilingual PPC management on Facebook for English school. Management of various multilingual campaigns on Facebook, including, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese. Two separate campaigns, one which focused on the summer courses and another which focused on University courses.


To achieve clicks through to the website and increase leads by targeting the correct type of people.


We spoke to client about the type of people they want to target eg age, interests and specific locations. We then constructed a generic advertisement that was then translated into the different languages. The image was also quite important as this is what grabs people’s attention initially. We decided to go with a Union Jack picture that would instantly mean people know what the advertisement is about, England!

The two campaigns were then launched across all languages and monitored on a constant basis. It is important to monitor the campaign so you can edit things specifically. For example, the wordings on specific advertisements were changed in order to attract more people to click.


We achieved great results through both campaigns with a relatively small budget.