Multilingual PPC

PPC That Takes You To New Places

Did you know that pay per click advertising is not restricted to English, even on platforms like Google and Bing? Multilingual PPC management can help you to reach prospective customers and clients across the global market, even in unusual character sets or semitic languages such as Arabic.

Extra Digital have over ten years of experience in delivering effective, high ROI PPC management in French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Russian and many more languages from across the world.

A successful multilingual PPC campaign requires careful consideration of:

We continuously monitor and optimise the account to achieve the best ROI from this form of advertising. Remember that in some countries Google is not the dominant search engine, and Google AdWords is not the dominant PPC supplier. For example in Russia, Yandex is more important, and in Chinese Baidu is the principle platform of choice.