Multilingual Web Design

The world we live in is becoming more and more multicultural. Developments in communication, led by internet, have allowed international expansion more possible than ever before. Web Designer Vip help our clients to tap into the potential leads and sales of international markets through great multilingual web design.

We utilise our marketing and web design experiences and expertise to build sites in many languages.

French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and more.

Our experience

We have a decade of expertise in building effective and visually compelling websites for a wide range of sectors in many countries. See our map below for areas of the world we have produced websites for.

We can provide great value for your organisation and are keen to pass on our expert knowledge in multilingual web design. We know that there are many factors at play when looking at a design for each language. These include language translation and character sets as well as cultural translation all of which can influence key design decisions.

The ExtraCMS

What makes Web Designer Vip a great choice for multilingual web design? As mentioned previously Business over the internet is increasingly becoming multinational, with buyers and leads generated all over the world. Our bespoke content management system ExtraCMS is built specifically for languages that use more than one website.

The ExtraCMS has no difficulty handling multilingual websites and non-standard character sets to make you can reach your target audience wherever they may be. It is the preferred choice for institutions such as the British Museum as well as Doctoori, the leading Arabic healthcare information provider.