PPC Case Study – Proto Labs

Proto Labs specialise in manufacturing custom prototypes and production parts. The main services include CNC machining and Injection Molding They have websites in 6 languages, French, Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese and German. Protolabs were in need of a PPC partner to grow their business and increase the volume of leads they were getting through the website.


After a full keyword analysis and examination of the conversion potential of the current website, Web Designer Vip created several Adwords campaigns from scratch with the sole aim of increasing the volume of leads they received through the website.

We created campaigns in 4 languages and carried out the following:

The results?

The following results were for the French website between a 3 month period: March – May 2015.

The conversion rate has increased by 111%

Cost per conversion has reduced by 51%

The number of conversions increased by 30% while the total cost has been reduced by 37%