Social Media Management

For Increased Sales

ExtraDigital’s range of social media management services is tailored to meet your precise needs whether you are in fashion, healthcare, tourism, ecommerce, B2B or any other sector.

Our goal is to create compelling Social Media Campaigns that create sales and leads for your business.

social media management

As well as using our years of experience and drawing on the benefits of a range of staff with varied and exciting backgrounds in social media campaigns across a range of platforms, we keep pace and ahead of all the latest developments so your business will never get left behind in this dynamic and fast moving channel.

Social Media Management Services

Our range of cost-effective and inspired social media management helps you keep your brand at the forefront of the social space.

To view more about how we will ensure social media works for your business – see our Social Media Strategy. 

View our Social Media Successes

Social Media for Crafts Shop

2398 visits via social refferal!

Facebook PPC Advertising

80% increase in site traffic

Social Media for online tiles shop

123% rise in onsite conversions from social