Web Application Development

With over a decade of experience of in web application development built to high specification we can tackle most projects. Our clients include the Government (Defra), Education providers, Public service providers such as the police, healthcare providers, international companies such as Alcoa, Smalley, travel and tourism companies and businesses and organisations from many different sectors.

We work to ISO 9001 to ensure a high quality. Accessibility and search engine optimised code is standard for all websites and web applications.

Database Design

Database Web Application DevelopmentThe majority of web application development we undertake will involve a database. For larger projects getting the database design right is critical for the final performance. Slow websites can be caused by an inefficient database setup and slow database queries.

For large projects we provide a full data analysis and often a work flow analysis as well. On many occasions we have taken existing systems and considerably improved the performance, sometimes by factors of over 20x in terms of speed for users.

We have in house staff skilled at database design and build as well as strategic planning.

Ecommerce Development

ecommerce Web Application Development

We design and develop a range of different ecommerce websites, using an appropriate web application development technology to the size and scale of the website required. Our speciality is search engine optimised online shops, and we ensure all design and development is done to help market the website online.

We are familar with integrating with many different PSPs (Payment Service Providers) to enable taking of payment by credit card securely.

We can provide the full solution including hosting with secure server and certificate if required. We can also advise regarding PCI compliance. Take a look at our ecommerce development expertise, which includes Magento ecommerce development, CS-Cart ecommerce development and small online shop development.

Multilingual Development

Multilingual Web Application Development

We undertaken website design and web application development in over twenty languages including: